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Falun Gong under the Shadow of Towering Oxycoccos

2014-02-03 Source:Kaiwind



Writer: [Ukraine] Gregory Globa


Lead: Why does The Epoch Times lie in public?

Chapter 1  Bread, Salt, Publicity

Chapter 2  Talk With Falun Gong Practitioners about Methods of News Investigation

Chapter 3  The Most Powerful Remedy of Falun Gong—Numeracy

Chapter 4  The So-called Witnesses of “Picking Organs from the Living”

Chapter 5  “Unfair” investigation and experts

Chapter 6  Picking-organs Report was Lack of Evidence

Chapter 7  Extraordinary Evidence

Chapter 8  “Picking Organs from Living People”? Number Game

Chapter 9  Dirty Telephone Survey Becomes the Evidence of Genocide

Chapter 10  Talk About Witnesses Again

Chapter 11  Extraordinary Example

Chapter 12  I Frequently Receive Malicious Prosecution Because of Querying Falun Gong

Chapter 13  Falun Gong Is Not a Religion

Chapter 14  Epilogue of Falun Gong under the Shadow of Towering Oxycoccos

Appendix  Big Events in the Information War Started by Falun Gong