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What did Falun Gong members do in China?


Falun Gong tells people that when they get sick, they shouldn't go to hospital or take any medicine, they should keep practicing Falun Gong (sometimes simply by repeating "Falun Dafa is good") then the sickness will be gone. This cost quite a number of people's lives in China. http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/Falun Gong_2001_5.htm#1 www.minghui.org, note: all those stories on the Chinese version website are neglected on the English version website)

Falun Gong didn't tolerate any criticism and suspicion from the media in China. For dozens of times, thousands of Falun Gongers blocked the newspaper offices or the TV stations who doubted them, demanding for an apology and a promise that the press would never publish or broadcast anything against them. In 1999, more than 10 thousand Falun Gongers surrounded Zhong NanHai (China's White House), demanding for a criticism-free privilege from the government. In a word, Falun Gong couldn't tolerate any negative comments, and ironically one of their three major principles is "tolerance." On their website, there are many stories about how a person who gave negative opinion about Falun Gong was killed by some God and their families were cursed to death.