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How Falun Gong views homosexuality?

2017-01-09 Source:facts.org.cn

Li Hongzhi,Falun Gong's leader, says that homosexuality is not human behavior. It is incest, immoral and crime. He says the homosexual people loss their sensibility and are psychologically dirty and abnormal, they are bad people and will be first eliminated by God.

Below are the comments of Li Hongzhi on homosexuality:

“When I talked about homosexuality while giving classes in the West, I said, ‘These wanton sexual practices in the West have gotten almost as bad as incest.’ Someone then brought up that ‘homosexuality is legally protected by the state.’...I told them [the students in the West], ‘To be perfectly frank, your government may approve of it, but your Lord does not!’” (Zhuan Falun Vol. Ⅱ)

“Repulsive homosexual behavior meanwhile bespeaks of a filthy, deviant state of mind that lacks rationality.” (Zhuan Falun Vol. Ⅱ)

“Sexual freedom, which has mixed the human races and muddled human ethics, is absolutely forbidden by gods...You are committing a sin if you have sexual activity with someone who isn't your husband or your wife.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe)

When Li Hongzhi gave lectures in Frankfurt in May 1998 he said: “A man is given a wife. That was stipulated by gods. People now want to find a partner of the same sex. Gods think that people do that because they no longer have human values…You need to find yourself again and stop doing those filthy things. Gods view them as filthy…Gods would never permit a cultivator to do that kind of thing, nor would they permit everyday people to.” “They (homosexuals) have to correct this bad behavior, live nobly and upright like a human being, find themselves, and break out of that dark state of mind.”

When Li Hongzhi gave lectures in Geneva in September 1998 he said: “Think about it, everyone: Is homosexuality human behavior? Heaven created man and woman. What was the purpose? To procreate future generations. A man being with a man, or a woman with a woman – it doesn’t take much thought to know whether that’s right or wrong. When minor things are done incorrectly, a person is said to be wrong. When major things are done incorrectly, it’s a case of people no longer having the moral code of human beings, and then they are unworthy of being human.”

“Gods’ first target of annihilation would be homosexuals. It’s not me who would destroy them, but gods.”

“Homosexuals not only violate the standards that gods set for mankind, but also damage human society’s moral code. In particular, the impression it gives children will turn future societies into something demonic.”