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Her dream of going to college was ruined by the “Almighty God” evil cult

2020-11-23 Source:Chianfxj.cn Author:Hou Chunxiao

In September 2015, Jiang Mei finally went back home. It wasn’t until then that she understood that “Almighty God” (Quannengshen) is a “God” that deceives people and harms people; that only by experiencing painful trials can people know the odiousness rather than the “loveliness of God”; that the claim that "those who are made perfect must undergo refinement" is a pure lie; and that "undergoing refinement" is actually to make the followers suffer from spiritual torture while “being made perfect” is tantamount to being completely ruined.


Jiang Mei

Jiang Mei’s dream of going to college was ruined by the “Almighty God” evil cult, and her best years of youth are wasted in "eating and drinking God’s words".

As a native from Sishui Town, Gaozhou City, Guangdong Province, Jiang Mei has one elder sister, two younger sisters, and one younger brother. Her parents are ordinary farmers.

Holding a dream of going to college a long time ago, Jiang Mei had been studying very hard. Due to her hard work, she felt she was getting closer and closer to realizing her dream.

In 2007, Jiang Mei entered the third year of her senior high school. It was a decisive year for her, as she was going to take part in the college entrance exam. It was also the last part of her journey towards college and a period of hope and pressure for her. Due to the pressure, Jiang Mei gradually felt depressed and even got tired of her study.


During the Spring Festival of 2008, Jiang Mei returned home from the school where she studied. Meanwhile, her younger sister who was working in Shenzhen also came back. For the first time, Jiang Mei heard from her younger sister about the happy "Almighty God" gatherings and beautiful "God's Path". Jiang Mei’s younger sister told her: “You can attend such gatherings if you are interested in them.” Besides, Jiang Mei's contact information was given by her young sister to one of the local "Almighty God" followers.

Shortly after the start of the 2008 school year, the "Almighty God" organization contacted Jiang Mei. One day, a thin and dark girl came to Jiang Mei and described to her the "family gathering" which she had already heard about from her younger sister. In the end, the girl enthusiastically invited Jiang Mei to their weekend gathering.

Jiang Mei accepted the girl's invitation and attended their weekend gathering.


After that, Jiang Mei attended several such gatherings in a row. Through "eating and drinking God’s words" at these gatherings, Jiang Mei gradually learned about "God" and "God's work". She knew that "the end of the world" was coming and that only by believing in “God” could one be saved by “God”. Also, she felt that studying was useless and that her college dream was absurd: What's the point of going to college since the world was coming to an end? The only thing that should be done was to "keep up with God's footsteps."

In order to "meet God's will", Jiang Mei spent more and more time in "family gatherings" than in her study; even at the critical period before the college entrance exam, she was still copying the "evangelization" materials for the "Almighty God" evil cult organization. Thinking she was "walking on God's path," Jiang Mei attached increasing importance to "communion gatherings" and "evangelization". Gradually, she had an idea of giving up the chance to take the college entrance exam. Because of this, her parents were burning with anxiety and tried all means to persuade her to take part in the upcoming exam. As a result of her parents’ pleading exhortation, Jiang Mei finally agreed to take the exam. Although she took the exam, she did it not for going to college but to fulfill her parents’ wish.

After taking the college entrance exam, Jiang Mei immediately went to Maoming, where she found a job as a security guard just for the convenience of preaching the “gospel”. As for going to college, she had forgotten all about it. A kind-hearted colleague helped her check her exam results online, which showed that her test scores exceeded the “Category B” undergraduate admission mark.

Although Jiang Mei already knew her exam results, she showed no interest in filling out college application forms, as she had been completely brainwashed by the heretical fallacies of the “Almighty God” evil cult.

Learning that Jiang Mei didn’t want to fill out college application forms, her parents, who were almost in despair, scolded her on the phone, asking her to change her mind immediately and not to miss the opportunity to go to college.

Just at this time, her fellow brothers and sisters "walking on God’s path" sent a "warm" reminder to her, saying that work and study were what "God" has decreed, that what "God" had decreed mustn’t be disobeyed, that no one should complain about "God", and that if one complained about “God”, he or she would be subjected to “God’s punishment”.


Although Jiang Mei could be admitted to a college based on her exam results, she gave up the chance to go to college under the “sincere” persuasion of her "fellow brothers and sisters" and chose to “follow the God”.

The “righteousness” shown by the “Almighty God” evil cult blocked Jiang Mei from the door of the college.

Jiang Mei's obsession with “Almighty God” was fiercely opposed by her parents, who repeatedly urged her to give up her belief in "Almighty God" and come back to the right path. However, Jiang Mei thought her parents were "resisting God" and that they would suffer “retribution" for it.

In 2012, Jiang Mei, who turned 23 that year, finally ran away from home and cut off all contact with her family.

Being unable to stand the blow from Jiang Mei running away from home instead of going to college, her father gradually fell ill and never recovered. Meanwhile, Jiang Mei’s weak and frail mother, who tried to overcome her grief and misery, had to cope with the pressures of life while taking care of her ailing husband.

The news of misfortune of Jiang Mei’s family eventually reached her. However, at that time, Jiang’s mind was full of such ideas as the so-called "fulfillment", "refining" and "warm house of God”. She had been trapped so deep in the quagmire of the “Almighty God” evil cult that she turned a deaf ear to her parents' plight, abandoning a daughter’s love and care for her parents.

Jiang Mei's future was completely ruined by the "Almighty God" evil cult, but her parents never gave up the idea of bringing her back home. After inquiring about her whereabouts in many different places, they finally found out where Jiang Mei was.

When Jiang Mei saw her mother, she and her mother hugged each other and burst out weeping.

Jiang Mei said, "'Almighty God' has ruined not only my college dream but also my whole life."

Although Jiang Mei came to her senses in the end, the pain brought to her by the “Almighty God” evil cult could never be erased.