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Inside story of collusion between Falun Gong and Taiwan independent force

2008-01-17 Author:By: Wu Huanqing and Liu Zhonghai

Some people in Fengjie County, Chongqing, busy with preparing for migration, were frequently interfered for no reason in the period between November 2000 and March 2002, finding that their mailboxes, baskets on the bikes and even under the doors were filled with reactionary propaganda materials about Falun Gong.

At the end of October 2002, a Falun Gong underground organization in Fengjie County led by Yu Xiaoru was completely uncovered through deliberate detections by the police, thus a major case came up to the surface in which a mainland Falun Gong underground organization and Taiwan secessionist forces colluded with each other to sabotage the social stability on the mainland.

Colluding like demons

One day in May 1999, an old man having flown from Fengjie County of Chongqing City to Taipei of Taiwan Province in the name of visiting his relatives appeared mystically near the CKS Memorial Hall, one of the Falun Gong practicing places in Taiwan. He was led to a woman at about 50 years old after he had hovered in the crow for a short time. The two people began to talk warmly after a brief introduction. In the end, the woman gave him some documents and asked him to take care before they departed.

That mystical old man is Yu Xiaoru, then ringleader of Falun Gong underground organization in Fengjie County, with the title of director of Falun Dafa tutorial station in Fengjie. Yu, a 72-year-old retired employee of the Agricultural Bureau of Fengjie County, began to practice Falun Gong with his wife He Wenyi in 1996. With his preaching up, the activities of the cult Falun Gong were extremely active in Fengjie for a time.
After the introduction of the reform and opening up policy, Yu found his relatives in Taiwan that had been lost touch with for many years and were permitted to visit them there with the help of the Party and government organization. When he arrived in Taiwan for the third time in May 1999, instead of enjoying talking with his relatives, Yu hurried into book stores to buy Falun Gong books, looked for practicing places and was keen to communicate with Falun Gong organizations in Taiwan. With the help of his niece, he soon got in touch with Cao Huiling, a core member of Falun Gong on Taiwan.

Cao Huiling, the above-mentioned woman at about 50, was then director of tutorial station in the CKS Memorial Hall. Her husband Zhang Qingxi, as chairman of the Research Society of Falun Dafa in Taiwan, had on one side communicated closely with Li Hongzhi and the headquarters of Falun Gong, while on the other side taking part in the activities of the secessionist forces in Taiwan. As the Chinese idiom puts it, "the man sings, the wife follows," this couple raised the devil in hyping Falun Gong on the island, making even greater noises especially after the legal ban on Falun Gong on the mainland. The Falun Gong organization in Taiwan under their control became beachhead for the secessionist forces as well as Li Hongzhi to carry out subversion against and infiltration of the Mainland Country.

Cao Huiling was very glad about the arrival and personal visit by Yu Xiaoru. After the meeting in the CKS Memorial Hall, She gave Yu by herself the list of Falun Gong stations in Taiwan including the names of heads and phone numbers and told him to keep in touch. Hence Yu Xiaoru, ringleader of the cult Falun Gong in Fengjie County got in touch with the Falun Gong organization in Taiwan.

Yu kept in close touch with Cao during his two-month-stay in Taiwan and often asked Cao to provide materials about Falun Gong. Sometimes Cao also took the initiative to give him a lot of such materials and told him to take back to the mainland and "to well disseminate". Yu was too impatient to wait and immediately mailed these materials to Fengjie and told his wife to distribute them among some of the Falun Gong core members to study and use for teaching. Cao also invited Yu zealously to attend "Fa Conference" in which Li Hongzhi took part in, thus making Yu feel "warmly".

During the three years since then, Yu Xiaoru went to Taiwan for three times and frequently communicated with Cao Huiling and other ringleaders of Falun Gong after the ban on this cult according to law by the Chinese Government. In March 2002, he went to Taiwan for the sixth time to attend his elder sister's funeral. Yu took the advantage of this rare opportunity to "consult" Cao and took away from her a great many of reactionary propaganda books, documents and CDs/VCDs produced in Taiwan and later brought them back to Fengjie through all the barriers on the way.

With the support and help of the Falun Gong organization in Taiwan, Yu began to restore the underground activities in Fengjie and set up a regional underground network with the attempt to carry out sabotage and subversive activities. "Cao Huiling was always encouraging me to insist. I made up my mind to work hard for 'Dafa'," confessed Yu later.

Seeking personal gains and attempting to stage a come-back

The Chinese Government banned Falun Gong as a cult according to law in July 1999. At that time Yu Xiaoru had just returned from Taiwan and thought that the situation was unfavorable, he chose to play a double-dealing trick. On the one side, he declared to break away from the cult organization in a program broadcasted on Fengjie County TV station; on the other side, he secretly transferred and hided the Falun Gong materials in his home and communicated with Taiwan side from time to time to consult about countermeasures in order to prepare for further underground activities. He confessed later, "I did that (declaring separating from Falun Gong) only to protect myself and make the Government relax its vigilance so that I can hoodwink people about my further underground Falun Gong activities."

By June and July 2001, under the directions and support of the Falun Gong organization in Taiwan, Yu Xiaoru secretly reestablished the Falun Gong underground organization in Fengjie County and set up an underground network with Feng Chuanjia, Liang Chongqiong, He Wenyi, Ao Xiaoping and Liao Tianbi, etc. as key members, thus forming a secret gang consisted of some 30 members.

For a long period of time, this organization headed by Yu Xiaoru and other people was engaged in underground activities. It contacted with the Falun Gong organization in Taiwan zealously and formed a secret channel to receive, transform and spread reactionary propaganda materials from Taiwan, thus pushing forward the underground Falun Gong activities in Fengjie County and nearby counties and districts.

In April 2002, as soon as Yu arrived in Fengjie, Liang Chongqiong who took charge of duplicating materials went to Yu's home and took away the reactionary propaganda materials about Falun Gong produced in Taiwan. The he immediately had them duplicated at various places in the county seat and handed out to other Falun Gong members. She paid a special visit to Chongqing in May and bought a portable duplicator for 2,000 Yuan and 20 boxes of carbon powders, ready to roll up their sleeves.

In addition to carrying out destructive activities wantonly in Fengjie County, this gang led by Yu, instructed by the Taiwan Falun Gong organization, also supplied fake and frame-up materials for Taiwan secessionists and Li Hongzhi who are against P. R. China.

On September 28, 2001, Feng Chuangjia, one of the core members of the Falun Gong underground organization, fabricated a long reactionary article that vamped up the so-called truth in lockups, stigmatized the Party and national leaders, and attacked the right decisions about the ban on Falun Gong by the government. He gave this article to Yu and told him to send to Taiwan Falun Gong organization to post it online. After elaborate modifications, Yu put it into a Chinese style envelop he had brought back from Taiwan and wrote on it "To: Cao Huilin, Hangzhou Southern Road, Taipei". Then he placed it in another envelop that contained his letter to his niece Wang Chuanzhu and asked her to contact Cao with the telephone number he wrote in the letter and then resend that letter to Cao. Cao felt as if she had found out treasure when she got that letter and posted the whole article in it on "Minghui Net" on October 28. When Yu went to Taiwan on March 2002, he specially asked for a printed version of the article online and brought it back to Fengjie as a "victory" to share with the other members.

According to the investigation and verification by the police, since banning on the cult, this underground organization never stopped collaborating with the Falun Gong organization in Taiwan to carry out illegal activities, the secret assembly of its members was their normal form of activities. Yu Xiaoru said at an underground meeting, "I'm afraid of exposing myself all the time because of my special status. I hope you can study 'Fa' intensively and practice 'Gong' hard. You can contact with me if you have problems so that I can present them to Taiwan." At this meeting Feng Chuanjia made a conclusion as following: First, they must study "Fa" in line with the "lections" brought back by Yu; Secondly, they should go out to tell the "truth".
A mantis trying to stop a chariot never escape the meshes of law

About on november 2000, residents in the county seat of Fengjie frequently found that some people distributed reactionary propaganda leaflets in traditional Chinese characters about Falun Gong at night. These leaflets in envelopes were directly put in front of the doors or inserted into the house through the seam of doors. As the same time, some agencies and institutions as well as individuals also received such mails sent through post offices in succession.

After receiving the report from the citizens, the public security bureau in Fengjie County strengthened its patrol immediately, sent policemen to watch in some buildings and took other measures to find out clues to the case. On January 19, 2001, three reckless Falun Gong members went to the dormitory building of the public security bureau to distribute leaflets and were caught on the spot. Totally 111 envelops yet to be distributed were found on them, all of which were filled with materials about Falun Gong. According to the police, among the three people there was a girl of only 16 who was nursery maid employed by Ao Xiaoping, a core member of the underground organization led by Yu Xiaoru. A rural girl knowing nothing about Falun Gong thus had got into obsession in the fallacies by Falun Gong under the influences and abetment by Ao Xiaoping and her elder sister after she became nursery maid for these two women.

It's hard to escape the long arm of the law although Yu was very cautious every time and the Falun Gong underground organization was very conceited and obstinate and thought they were "protected by Li Hongzhi's dharma body" and the secessionist forces in Taiwan. Yu and the other related people came into the sight of public security organs early in October 2001. This case was entirely unearthed on October 30, 2002 and the Falun Gong underground organization in Fengjie that colluded with the Taiwan secessionist forces was uncovered after the police had found out their major criminal facts through detection and evidence-collection for a long time.

The police searched the homes of the people involved in the case and found 22 polywoven bags of Falun Gong materials, 12 kilograms of dynamite, a portable duplicator and some carbon powders for duplication, and some radio sets and recorders, Walkmans, video tape players and VCD players. There were totally 12 hiding places in Yu's home and he also transferred the materials and other items brought from Taiwan yet to be distributed to his son's home.

After his crime was brought to light, Yu said contritely, "I deserve to be punished. Actually, by collaborating with secessionists in Taiwan, we have been working against the motherland and the reunification of the country."

It is noticeable that among the cases related to the underground Falun Gong organizations cracked in recent years by the police, many have had backing from overseas hostile anti-China forces and have been supported by them financially and technologically. The cult Falun Gong and Taiwan secessionist forces, with their respective ulterior motives, acted evilly in collusion with each other while regarding each other as a straw to clutch at and attempted to put up a last-ditch struggle in vain after repeated failures.

But hills can't stop water flowing, eastward the river keeps on going. In front of the international trend toward peace, progress and development, all the contemptible scoundrels of Falun Gong that vainly attempted to collude with Taiwan secessionist forces to implement plots are doomed to end in failure and be stuck on a post of historical shame.

Commentator of the People's Daily: Those Who Act in Collusion with Each Other Will Come to a Disgraceful End

A criticism titled Those who act in collusion with each other will come to a disgraceful end will be published on the People's Daily on the 10th day of this month as follows:

The obstinate Falun Gong activists in Fengjie, Chongqing, colluding with their confederates abroad, restored the cult Falun Gong underground organization and carried out criminal activities in the mainland of China, thus exposing the reactionary nature of Falun Gong.

A lot of facts indicate clearly that the underground cult organization in Fengjie County was directed by its counterpart in Taiwan supported by the secessionist forces. With a clear division of work and coherent commanding system, it has never stopped functioning. Yu Xiaoru, its key figure, went to Taiwan for many times to receive orders from the core members of Falun Gong organization in Taiwan and returned with a lot of materials about that cult. Yu's wife dealt with internal communications and another obstinate member named Liang Chongqiong took charge of duplication, distribution and sale of those materials. Moreover, they cheated a young girl of only 16. Nearly all of their propaganda materials came from abroad.

As admitted by Yu himself, Falun Gong was only a pawn of the anti-China forces and hostile forces. In order to obstruct the reunification of the country, the secessionist forces on Taiwan Island didn't hesitate to use cult cast aside by the world to sabotage the mainland. On the other side, in order to survive, Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong didn't spare to trample on the national interests and acted as the vanguard of the anti-China forces.

They beat the drum for superstition instead of science, spread blindness instead of culture, carried out various activities of sabotage instead of stability, retrogression instead of progress, secession instead of unification, and they also made every effort to undermine and make troubles in the course of development and construction of a moderately prosperous society. The nature of cult determines that Falun Gong is the enemy of rule of law, the people, civilization and progress. Li Hongzhi and his cult Falun Gong as well as the secessionist forces on the Taiwan Island and the anti-China forces abroad are reluctant to see a unified, strong and civilized China that is developing stably and moving towards prosperity. They are eager to stir up trouble, hold back the development trend in China for fear that the Chinese people may lead a happy life.

Historical tide is enormous and powerful and no forces can hold up the steps of the Chinese nation. China will be reunified, the Chinese nation will revive and the society will develop. All the forces that block and undermine the great reviving course of the Chinese nation and all the acts that are contrary to its interests will smash in front of the achievements we have reached and will surely reach.

(People's Daily, January 17, 2003)